Rare Jewelry was was founded in December 2015 by the designer and Creative Director Dannie Larsson. After years of passion-driven research into design and craftmanship Rare Jewelry was launched at Nymans Ur 1851. All our Jewelry is produced exclusively from the highest quality materials and precious stones to deliver a classic, yet contemporary collections with an edge.

The collection has been divided into six product lines -each representing a different style to fit any occasion: Rare Edge, Rare Classic, Rare High, Rare 4 You, Rare Bespoken and Hilma.

The essence of the brand is the Rare Edge that can be found in many if the Rare pieces. Many product series is named after a goddess, which goes perfectly in line with Dannie Larssons vision of the brand -to make the woman wearing her jewelry feel strong, gracious and proud.

Exclusive Custom Jewelry

With a strength in both design and local production, Rare Jewelry offers custom made services with both special requests and adjustments to our consisting collection. We are the premier choice for engagement, with a wide range of beautiful designs offered in the wedding collection. All designs can be modified in line with the customers’ wishes with the highest level of expertise within the field.


Limited Edition

With Rare Limited Edition we introduce a unique opportunity to own a truly one of a kind piece of jewelry. Each item is created around a special stone that forms the heart of the creation or a design idea from our Creative Director Dannie Larsson. A Rare Limited Edition piece will only be created in a number of up to three pieces, with a fun and a bit more playful touch than the Rare Edge and Rare Classic collections.



In 1919, Dr. Marcel Tolkowsky designed the modern round brilliant cut. His work was based on years of studying diffraction of light through the facets of a diamond. Rare Jewelry has created a novel cut for gemstones that – inspired by the work of Tolkowsky – aims to elevate the brilliance of colored gemstones to levels previously associated only with diamonds. We call it the Rare cut. The Rare Cut draws upon the highest standards of Swedish craftsmanship.

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